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Behind the Scenes

15 Oct

Well what a week it has been!

Practices are going GREAT! The cast are more prepared than any play I can ever remember this early into things. And with a cast this large (60 plus) it is really amazing that all parts are filled and we have backups waiting for a chance if someone pulls out (which of course we hope will not happen).

I and we continue to appreciate and covet your prayers during this season. We do feel the heavenly battle. This message is so very timely. OLIVER TWIST might be a classic story, but the topic of human trafficing and neglected children could never be more contemporary and appropriate.

I told you that we would be posting behind the scenes pictures and even videos. We are going to begin a “making of” video that will post on youtube so be ready for that.

This is a miniature model of the horse drawn carriage that opens the first film (there are 5 60 second film segments interwoven into the live play).

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