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Opening Title Scene

17 Jan


As promised, I am posting the opening SHORT FILM that was shown at the beginning of each night’s performance of OLIVER TWISTING. As you may recall, this Live Play included all LIVE MUSIC as well as 5 SHORT FILMS shown on two very large widescreens on either side of the front wall above the stage.

We got many comments on how people enjoyed these films as well as the play itself of course. We are quickly producing a DVD copy of one of the nights that was professionally videotaped, and included on that DVD will be the 5 films. Keep in touch as we will selling these dvds very soon!


Until Next Time!



Behind the Scenes

15 Oct

Well what a week it has been!

Practices are going GREAT! The cast are more prepared than any play I can ever remember this early into things. And with a cast this large (60 plus) it is really amazing that all parts are filled and we have backups waiting for a chance if someone pulls out (which of course we hope will not happen).

I and we continue to appreciate and covet your prayers during this season. We do feel the heavenly battle. This message is so very timely. OLIVER TWIST might be a classic story, but the topic of human trafficing and neglected children could never be more contemporary and appropriate.

I told you that we would be posting behind the scenes pictures and even videos. We are going to begin a “making of” video that will post on youtube so be ready for that.

This is a miniature model of the horse drawn carriage that opens the first film (there are 5 60 second film segments interwoven into the live play).

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