Oliver’s world

12 Aug

So here we go!

Rochester Assembly is officially adapting the classic Dicken’s tale for our Christmas Production!

We will be regularly updating everyone on the journey and behind-the-scenes scoop of seeing OLIVER TWISTING come alive.

The original OLIVER TWIST novel was written in the 1840 ‘s by Charles Dickens as a public narration. Dickens would take the stage and read out loud the next chapter as he was writing it.

Since the original work went into public domain almost 100 years ago, many  have made adaptations. The most famous adaptation is the 1968 best picture Oscar winner “Oliver!”

After much prayer and thought, we have decided to write an original adaptation called OLIVER TWISTING. Kati Dean, our worship minister, will be colaborating with us to create some original songs and score as well! Yes it is very ambitious! Pray we survive this huge task! Actually we have already begun creating scenes and music. It’s going to be amazing!

There will also be two widescreens with 5 or more film scenes that are 60 seconds long… They will serve to help move the story along, as well as give us added time to reset the stage, as well as entertain the audience with very suspensful film shots up on the big screen!  Live music, acting, musical performances and multi-media segments! It’s gonna be crazy cool!

Regarding the original by Dickens, he (like many Christian leaders) was outraged by the inhumane conditions that many youth and children were forced to endure during the new Industrial Revolution that was sweeping the globe at that time. The revolution brought huge factories and dirt, smog, sewage and filth that was created as a byproduct. Child working laws had not yet been passed, and the seperation of rich and poIstor was wider than ever. The high class looked down on the lower classes with insolence and disgust.

It is in these conditions that Oliver Twist found himself enduring as a poor orphan without a home. Many of the main characters in OLIVER TWIST are part of this world that Oliver found himself in. He befriends theives, pickpockets, call girls, burglars and cons. But he still has a conscience and refuses to do wrong to others. He is punished for his moral objections over and over again.

I think it is so appropriate that we are focusing on the abused and neglected child this Christmas. It seems like I can’t go five minutes without someone referencing the need to help abused kids, sex traffic victims, and poor people. I think this is something that God is putting on many hearts – more than I ever realized.

For those who desire a Christmas theme with Christmas music, even they will be happy to know that the story does indeed include Christmas music!

so stay tuned for continued updates to the progress of our most ambitious production EVER!

Until next time,



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